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Rules for the 2024 Dublin United Champions Cup

Rules of the Dublin United Champions Cup shall be the ' Laws of the Game' as published by FIFA with those modifications as stated herein.
a) Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee;
• Before a throw-in in your favor – opponent may substitute if throwing team does.
• Before a goal-kick
• After a score by either team.
• At half time.
• After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play.
• After a caution, one for one by both teams, if the cautioned player is substituted.
b) The game clock will not be stopped because of injury to any player, except if deemed necessary by the referee. Due to the time allowed for the completion of all games, the clock should run continuously.

a) Team rosters will be limited to (22) players for ages U-12 and above 11v11, (18) for U-10-U12 9v9, and (14) for U8-U10 7v7.
b) Six (6) guest players will be allowed on (U12-U15 11v11) teams, five (5) guest players will be allowed on (U10-U12 9v9) teams and four (4) guest players will be allowed on (U8-U10 7v7) teams.
c) No roster changes will be permitted after the start of a team’s first game.
d) Trapped eighth graders will be permitted to play as a guest player on a team.
e) All players and coaches must carry a valid USYSA pass or card or the approved pass/card of the team’s member organization. Passes will be checked prior to the start of each match
f) In the event of a conflict, the home team shall wear a lighter colored jersey and shall supply a suitable game ball (as determined by the Referee).

Preliminary / Championship games will consist of the following:
Age Format and Ball Size
• U8-U10 (7v7) 50/50 minutes / size 4
• U11-U12 (9v9) 50/50 minutes / size 4
• U13-U15 (11v11) 60/60 minutes / size 5
The Directors reserve the right to adjust the game length for conditions beyond their control.

4. 7 V 7 RULES will utilize the “Restraining Line”
Clarifications on “When the Ball is in Play” (and WHEN the defense can pressure beyond the restraining line)
Clarifications on “When the Ball is in Play” (and WHEN the defense can pressure beyond the Restraining Line
a) The “Ball is in Play” when the ball is touched by any player after the goalkeeper releases the ball from his/her hands or feet from within the penalty area
b) The “Ball is in Play” when the goalkeeper touches the ball outside the penalty area after releasing the ball from his/her hands or feet
c) The “Ball is in Play” when a Goal Kick (or other Free Kick from taken from Inside the Penalty Area) is touched by another player
d) The “Ball is in Play” when a Free Kick taken from Behind the Restraining Line, BUT Outside the Penalty Area is touched by a player other than the kicker
e) The “Ball is in Play” as soon as the ball crosses the Restraining Line
f) The "Bal lis in Play" as soon as the ball stops moving after being released by the goalkeeper.
Clarification on “Playing Quick” from the Goal Keeper
a) The Goal Keeper Can Elect to Hold the Ball Until the Defense Retreats Behind the Restraining Line
b) The Defender Team CAN be Cautioned for Unsporting Behavior IF a Player Fails to Retreat Behind the Line
c) IF the Goal Keeper Elects to “Play Quickly”, he/she does so at HIS OWN RISK
d) IF the GK “Plays Quickly” BEFORE the Defense has Retreated AND the Possession is LOST by the Goal Keeper’s Team, PLAY CONTINUES
Other General provisions:
a) The goalkeeper gets a maximum of SIX ADDITIONAL SECONDS to play the ball after “Placing” the ball on the ground
b) The referee may use the same techniques he/she uses to ensure that a goalkeeper releases the ball from his/her hands after securing possession (verbal warning, indirect free kick, etc.)
Delaying putting the “Ball in Play”
a) In the event the “Attacking Team” delays putting the “Ball in Play”, the referee has the authority to penalize that team for such delay (verbal warning, indirect free kick, caution, etc.)
Punting and Drop Kicking the ball by Goalkeeper's is prohibited
a) The definition of a “Drop Kick” is when the goalkeeper releases the ball to the ground for the purpose of the ball bouncing off the ground with the intent of being able to elevate the ball similar to a punt
b) The goalkeeper may legally ROLL the ball ON THE GROUND – if the ball is routinely OFF THE GROUND (even if only slightly) when the keeper kicks the ball, the kick is to be ruled a “Drop Kick” by the referee and an indirect free kick will be awarded from the spot of the kick or the top of the Goal Area
Offside Enforcement
a) Inside the “Restraining Line” ONLY
b) A player can only be in an “Offside Position” when beyond the “Restraining Line” (as opposed to his/her attacking HALF of the field for normal FIFA interpretation
Due to this implementation of the Offside Enforcement, we will be employing a single referee for all play U-10 and under
a) U8 to U10 will play with a single official. U11/U12 will implement a two-referee system and U-13 and up will play with a three-person system. FIFA off-sides rule will apply at ALL levels.
b) U8 teams may take Goal Kicks (and other free kicks that would take place inside the penalty area) from ANYWHERE inside the Penalty Area

Decisions of the Tournament Director are final.

All scores will be posted at the tournament headquarters-Darree Fields. Scores posted on the internet are not official. At the end of the game, the Referees and each coach are to sign the official game card certifying final score and turn in to Field Marshal.
Bracket standings leading to championship play, will be determined on the following basis.
a) Points.
• Win = 3 points
• Tie = 1 point
• Loss = 0 points
b) The score of a forfeited game shall be recorded as 4-0 in favor of the team not forfeiting, if; 1) the game has not commenced, or 2) the game has commenced and the non-forfeiting team has less than a 2 goal lead at the time of cessation. If the non-forfeiting team has more than a 3-goal lead at the time of cessation, the score shall stand. Forfeiture will be declared for a failure to begin play within ten (10) minutes of game time. Failure to complete a match or a team leaving the field during play may result in forfeiture. In no case will a team which has forfeited a game be declared a group winner or wild card.
c) In the event of ties in point standings, the following sequence will be used:
1) Result of head to head game (2 teams only)
2) Highest total net score for tournament games. Net score = goals scored, less goals scored against. A maximum differential of 4 goals per game will account for this purpose.
3. Scores will be recorded using the 4-goal maximum differential. The non-winning team score will be recorded as their actual score. The winning score will be recorded as four goals more than the non-winning score or the actual winning score whichever is lower (i.e. a 10-0 score is recorded as 4-0. A score of 7-2 is recorded as 6-2 and a 6-3 score is recorded as 6-3).
3) Fewest goals allowed.
4) As many teams as possible will be eliminated at each level (1 – 3 above). After elimination, if multiple teams remain, the tie breakers will be begun at rule 1 (head to head) and continue down the list of rules, again.
5) Penalty kick elimination: FIFA rules EXCEPT that ONLY THREE KICKERS will be used to determine the winner.
d) In the event of ties at the end of championship round games, winner will be determined as follows:
1) No Overtime -- the game will proceed directly to Kicks from the Mark (with THREE KICKERS then Sudden Victory).
2) All players including eligible substitutes may participate in KFTM).
3) If still tied after seven kickers, the team may reuse players who kicked in the first seven kicks.

a) All participants will be expected to maintain high standards of conduct during the tournament. These standards are expected of players, referees, and spectators.
b) There shall be no dissent between players and/or coaches and the referee. Questioning a referee is considered dissent. All coaches are responsible for the actions of his or her spectators, specifically verbal abuse of referees. Such abuse will not be tolerated! Violation may result in forfeiture of the game and/or expulsion from further play.
c) Any player or coach ejected from a game will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game. The player/coach pass is to be turned in to the referee headquarters immediately following the initial suspension game. Any serious or violent infraction may result in more than a one game suspension (to be determined by the tournament referee committee).
d) Any player or coach who receives an accumulation of two (2) yellow cards or a red card in a game must sit out the next game.
e) All coaches will remain within 20 yards of the centerline on their half of the field, on the side opposite of both teams’ spectators.
f) Spectators may be ejected from the park for improper conduct, at the discretion of the tournament officials.

First and second place team and individual awards will be awarded
after the final game for all ages. Only team members and registered guest players will receive a trophy. Coaches are not eligible to receive an individual award.

Games shall be considered completed if the first half has concluded and play is stopped by either the Field Referee or the Tournament Directors. The score at the stoppage of play will be the final game score. If the first half has not been completed and the game is stopped, every effort will be made to complete the game, or play to complete at least the first half and record the score as final. If the game is canceled before it starts every effort will be made to reschedule the game. Note: If necessary, game lengths may be shortened to accommodate scheduling requirements. It is the responsibility of each coach to check Tournament Headquarters for reschedule information. However, in the event that rescheduling is not possible, and game cancellation creates a situation where teams within the division are unable to play an equal number of qualifying games, the group winner will be determined on the basis of average tournament points for games played (including the tie breaking procedure). The team with the highest average points will be declared the winner of the group. In the event there is a tie which cannot be resolved by point averaging, the advancing team will be determined by a coin toss, or penalty kicks, per FIFA as directed by the Tournament Directors. The Dublin United SC shall not be responsible for any team’s expenses due to weather related cancellation of games.

If the Tournament is canceled due to events beyond the control of the Tournament Committee, the Tournament will not be required to make any financial reimbursement.

The final interpreter of the foregoing rules and regulations, and also any matters not provided for in these rules will be the Tournament Directors, whose decisions shall be final. Referees may use electronic devices in order to more effectively manage their games.



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