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About the Dublin United Champions Cup

WHEN: September 23-25, 2022
WHERE: Dublin, Ohio
FEES: U08 5v5, $475; U08-U10 7v7, $575; U11-U12 9v9, $625; U12-U16 11v11, $675
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday, Sep 1, 2022
PAY TO: Dublin United Soccer Club; P.O. Box 1223 Dublin, OH 43016

Welcome to the Dublin United Champions Cup
September 25th-27th of 2020 * With Potential "Play In" games outside these dates.
WE ARE PLANNING ON PLAYING OUR TOURNAMENT!!! We will adhere to the one game/day rule, HOWEVER, we intend to expand the dates to include the previous weekend BEFORE the tournament weekend and a few weeknights. The tournament "finals" when we have them, will be held on Saturday, 9/26 or Sunday, 9/27.
Other divisions will be played in a round robin format with teams playing at least three games during the tournament period.

On behalf of the Dublin United Soccer club, we invite your club or team to apply for participation in our Ninth Dublin United Champions Cup. We also work with coaches who have multiple teams to avoid schedule conflicts. The most competitive teams will be placed in the upper divisions, etc. The Dublin United Champions Cup is played almost exclusively on the lush fields at Darree Fields Park provided and maintained by the City of Dublin. These are some of the nicest fields in Central Ohio.

Each participating team will play a minimum of three games. Individual trophies and team awards will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place in all brackets.

Entry Fees are as follows:
U08-U10 7v7 ($485)
U10-U12 9v9 ($525)
U12-U15 11v11 ($545)

Guest Players:
U08-U10 7v7 (4 guest players)
U10-U12 9v9 (5 guest players)
U12-U15 11v11 (6 guest players)
Division By Age Group:
U08 (5v5)
U08-U10 (7v7)
U10-U12 (9v9)
U12-U15 (11v11)

Roster Size:
U08-U10 7v7 14 players
U10-U12 9v9 18 players
U12-U15 11v11 22 players
Trapped Eight Graders:
Trapped eight graders will be permitted to play in the tournament.

Entry Deadline:
September 11th.

Teams that are not accepted will have their entry fee returned with letter of notification. Once accepted, entry fees will not be refunded. Applications are invited from club teams that are in good standing with the United States Youth Soccer Association and/or USClub Soccer. Only approved players passes will be permitted to participate.



Dublin United Champions Cup
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